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  • Model: YFL-U2103
  • Size: D300
  • Product Description: U2103 Rome umbrella(aluminium frame+polyester fabric)
    Triangle style marble base
    Plastic base(water-filled)A
    Plastic base(water-filled)B
    Plastic base(water-filled)C
    Square style marble D
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    ● PREMIUM PATIO DÉCOR: The U2103 umbrella has a classic, floating design that will transport you to your last relaxing vacation on the beach. The eight Velcro straps around the perimeter of the umbrella can be used for hanging your favorite decorations or sparkling lights!

    ● HIGH-QUALITY SOLUTION-DYED FABRIC: The 10 FT wide canopy is made of 240 gsm solution-dyed fabric with a PU waterproof coating to increase the water pressure resistance capability up to 800 pascals units. The thick material is UV resistant to protect your skin and to ensure minimal fading when in direct sunlight.

    ●  TOP-OF-THE-LINE FRAMEWORK & EXCELLENT STABILITY: The tilting joint is made from PA66 enhanced nylon and is secured on an aluminum die-cast rotating joint for added support. The outer rustproof metal cover protects the framework while the newly added Velcro strap secures the canopy to the pole and increases wind-resistance.

    ● EASY TO ADJUST: Our innovative tilting system provides maximum coverage from the sun at any time of day. Tilt the canopy from 90 to 180 degrees effortlessly with our ergonomically designed sliding handle. Open, close and tilt our umbrella with ease!

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